Salt & Liberty Light of the World 🌎 through our social worker Queen Williams will provide christian homes for the born alive abortion survivors.

Until prospected parents are available, the born alive abortion survivors will reside in the SALT FORTRESS – a home created for the born alive abortion survivors.

Another program from the office of records is to obtain a family medical history from the mother and if possible the father. Our officer of records Dawana Dupree is adopted & her ministry is to provide the family medical history to the new parents.

We believe Salt & Liberty Light of the World will make a positive change in our nation.

These born alive abortion survivors with their special gifts & talents will be raised to be warriors in the Army of Christ.

Funding source will be through generous giving of God’s people. During this national revival where atmospheres have changed, & hearts have been touched, & break through of the oppositions shift situations into alignment with God’s purpose …people will give.



Our Leadership Team

  • Jesus Christ – Head of all that we do and The Holy Bible is our rule book.
  • Karen Anderson Salt – Founder & President
  • Spiritual Parents – Apostle Alton R. Williams & Sherrilyn Williams
  • Rachel Price – Vice President
  • Dawana Dupree – Treasury, Records & Armor-Bearer
  • Sabrina Bolden – Secretary
  • Renee Hall – Office of Security
  • Queen Esther Williams – Officer of Family Relations
  • Karen Salt & Queen Esther Williams – Office of Public Relations
  • Sabrina Bolden & Rachel Price – Officers of Marketing
  • Joey Dupree – Artistic Design & Drawing
  • Sherry Hopper – Graphics and Web Design


Fundraising Team

  • Karen Salt
  • Rachel Price
  • Queen Esther Williams
  • Dawana Dupree
  • Sabrina Bolden
  • Renee Hall

‘The noise of a multitude in the mountains, Like that of many people! A tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of nations gathered together! The Lord of hosts musters The army for battle.’

NKJV Isaiah 13:4